FAQ- What will my puppy look like as an adult dog?

This is an important question because basically a lot of puppies look “cute”… but once they grow up they may not look like you expected.

The best way to tell what basic conformation your puppy will have as an adult dog is to look at the parents. If you don’t like the way the parents look (i.e. shape of head, height, length of  back, ears, overall appearance, etc.) you may be very disappointed once your puppy becomes an adult dog. If the breeder refuses to show you photos of the parent pair, you may want to try a different breeder.

Once your puppy is four to six months old, its looks will change very little if any.

Look at the photos below to see how a corgi puppy changes.

Puppy at 4 weeks
Same puppy at 6 1/2 weeks
Same corgi at 5 1/2 months