We believe that word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is. Here’s what some of our puppy owners are saying about their puppies.


Rob from Kentucky: He is a very laid back pup. He is also incredibly smart. We are taking him to puppy training classes at PetSmart and he is doing great. He really listens well to commands. You can tell he just wants to please. He is just a great dog.  

Randy from Ohio: He is very rambunctious and loves to cuddle with the kids.

James from Georgia: Pebbles is beautiful, feisty and fun. Her markings are just incredible. She is highly intelligent, a very fast learner, and is incredibly playful and affectionate.  She is perfection! 

Ken from Indiana: Blaze is an adorable combination of cute and ornery (in a fun, manageable way). He’s overall a very happy puppy. Our other dog, Summer, quickly took him under her wing. Given the opportunity he and Summer will have a blast running themselves in the yard until they are flat exhausted. He loves to nap, and he’ll find any way he can to give you kisses in the ear! He’s smart, obedient, and is easily able to keep himself occupied in healthy ways. We are very happy Blaze chose us and to have Blaze as a part of our family. 

Jennifer from California: My boy Duncan is extremely handsome with beautiful markings. He is a healthy and super intelligent puppy. He is very active, full of energy and always ready to play. Transitioning him into our home was a breeze. He was the perfect addition to our home. We love him so much! 

Jed from Indiana: He’s really sweet. Loves to be held and already doing great with house breaking at 4 months old. Great companion, checked out at vet with perfect health. He’s such a great companion for my family. Roxie (my other dog) loves him too.

Pat from Kentucky: The first time we saw “Kerbie”, he came right up and laid his head down on us. We knew immediately that he was the one for us as it seemed he chose us as well. Kerbie arrived to his new home and met our Dachshund “Adler”, and they have been inseparable since. Kerbie loves his squeak toys, walks, running in the yard, and snuggling. He’s very friendly towards people and other animals and is full of life and energy. He’s been the perfect addition to our home!

Patty from Delaware: She is SOOO SWEET. She follows me around like I’m the mom. She is smart and has a really good appetite. All 6 Vet techs including the Dr. made a BIG DEAL out of her. Thought she was so cute…they said they don’t get many Corgis coming in. They even wanted to take pictures…who knows maybe she will be on their website! I’m enjoying her…she is coming out of her little shell and her personality is taking shape.

Jennifer from Alabama: Our veterinarian always compliments his temperament and excellent health. At 3 months he is showing off in puppy classes. He already knows sit, down, wait, leave it, and waits to be released from a sit for his food which is left in front of him. He is working on walking with a loose leash. We look forward to watching him grow into the awesome dog we know he will be!


We could go on and on, but we think you can see our puppies make for happy pet owners.